Hour 1 - ESPN Radio 97.7 1709013

September 13, 2017

Dave, Heath and Tomas talk wall to wall Saints.  Vikings put a woopin on the Saints, is it as bad as it looked?  John Hendrix of Canal Street Cronicals visits to give his perspective and a Tomas rant.


Hour 2 - ESPN Radio 97.7 - 170906

September 7, 2017

Dave, Heath and Tomas talk Saints football, SaintsReport.com thread of the week, Picks segment and Bryan Bieniemy stops by for an NFC Report.

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Hour 1 - ESPN Radio 97.7 170906

September 6, 2017

Dave, Heath and Tomas discuss all the Saints news of the week, review preseason with a Good, Bad/Ugly, final roster and a Tomas Rant.

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Cancun 2017?

September 1, 2017

Live from the beaches of Cancun Mexico, its the BS and Beer Podcast...  yet another off the hip version of our show...  

"Man on the Beach" segment along with "A Wifie Life" give everyone a completely different perspective of The BS and Beer Podcast...

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A Day In The Life

August 23, 2017

"A Day In The Life Of A Dude Covering Saints Training Camp In New Orleans"

A unique podcast like none I've ever produced.  Not sure how everyone will like it but...

Dave chronicles his day covering Saints trading camp.  Finds out that his IPhone is much more powerful then he realizes as he creates and produces an entire show from his phone.

A extraordinary chance meeting that most should find interesting.

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Charger Match up

August 20, 2017

Dave, Heath and Tomas discuss this weeks training camp news, break down the Delvin Breaux situation and look forward to Sunday nights game against the Chargers.

The BS and Beer crew also make a big announcement about the show.


Los Angeles Chargers???

August 15, 2017

Dave and Tomas talk about the Saints game vs Browns, practice news and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.  What's up Breaux?


Cleveland Rucks!

August 9, 2017

Dave brings in Bryan Bieniemy from ESPN 100.3 in New Orleans to discuss the Saints and take a look at the 1st preseason game.  Chris Landry joins the show for the Landry Football.com Report and discusses Greg Williams as the Defensive Coordinator.  Should Drew be worried?

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The Preseason Begins 2017

August 8, 2017

Dave, Heath and Tomas discuss the injury issues at Saints camp.  Preview the 1st preseason game vs the Browns.

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Saints Camp 170802

August 2, 2017

Follow David Romero (@saintsBS) and Chris Landry (@landryfootball) as they discuss this week's news.  They break down the offensive line, linebackers and hot pink stretch pants.  We're also visited by John Hendrix of Canal Street Chronicales. 

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